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  • Raised: ₹ 560.00
  • Goal: ₹12,000.00

Donate Now for Oxygen Cylinders to Save Lives - We donate 80+ oxygen cylinder

Our on-ground volunteers are risking their lives to deliver oxygen to critically ill COVID-19 patients in Chennai and Delhi NCR. We need your help to purchase more oxygen as soon as possible so we can save more lives!

Every hour, the situation is getting worse. Every few minutes, we receive messages for help and it breaks our hearts when we can’t prevent the death of someone’s parent, sibling or child. The more cylinders and concentrators we are able to purchase, the more lives we will be able to save! Time is critical. Your donation will save lives.

Raise Fund For Oxygen Cylinders

Stories of patients running from one hospital to another in the hope of finding a vacant bed are emerging from Chennai and Delhi on a daily basis. Even the most vulnerable patients have had to resort to home isolation despite the fact that severe COVID symptoms can cause respiratory issues that may lead to organ damage and even death! These patients need oxygen cylinders to stay alive which these hospitals are running out!

We are a team of young people working together under Thaagam Foundation. We have started a initiative deliver oxygen concentrators and cylinders free of charge to government hospital who need them in chennai Delhi . Concentrators are that machines can generate oxygen without needing to be refilled. Each machine takes a week to arrive once we order it. This is a free volunteer service to support our city in this time of crisis.

We are identifying government hospital who provide free healthcare service to poverty stricken covid-19 critically ill patients and We provide these cylinders with the valve system, humidifier, mask and trolley.

Because of extreme shortage, concentrators and cylinders cost almost double their usual price. Concentrators are now being sold at the inflated price. Please donate now. Your donation will save lives in this crisis. India needs your support.