About us

We, Thaagam Foundation, a Non-Government Organisation, is working towards uplifting the livelihoods of all living beings. Started in 2018, We have been feeding the homeless,Stray dogs and Planting trees ever since. We Not only feed them but also identify, research and rescue them. We are registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 for charitable and not-for-profit purpose.We have received 12A Certificate from the Commi...

Our Causes

₹ 25/Per person

Feed a Homeless Person

Feed a Hungry stomach and Protet the poor from Malnutrition and Starvation.

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Starting From ₹ 800

Sponsor a Child Education

Support our education initiative to educate homeless children living on the streets.

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₹ 1000

Sponsor a Birthday Cake

Celebrate your Birthday with under privilege      

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₹ 35/Per stay dog

Feed a Stray Dog

Thousands of dogs die due to starvation everyday in india. Help us protect them.

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₹ 500/Per kit

give a Grocery kit

Empower a Transgender and protect them from selling their body and dignity for their daily meal by giving them a grocery kit.

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₹ 200/Per person

Give a blanket

Winter is the time for comfort, but the homeless people shiver day and night.

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₹ 55/Per tree

Plant A Tree

Help us Protect the mother earth by planting native tree saplings.

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Starting From ₹ 1500

Support an Orphange

Help us support orphanages by joining hands with us.

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Starting From ₹ 100

Child Care Kit

Creating happiness is the greatest thing a human being can create.

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Homeless People impacted

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Trees Planted

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Stray Dogs impacted

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How To Help Us

You can join hands with Thaagam Foundation by donating to us by helping all living beings. You can also contribute to the society by becoming a grassroot volunteer at Thaagam and help us cater to people. To create a powerful awareness on the impressionable minds of people by which we can create the importance of our organisation through social media in serving humanity.

Our Mission

Concern about Our Mission

Thaagam foundation is a nonprofit organization aiming to uplift the livelihood of every living being and we aim at serving people with 100 percent transparency. We support people of all backgrounds to construct a healthy and socially balanced community.

Our Mission

We envision a world where the people most vulnerable will be able to uplift themselves out of starvation, hunger and get the basic needs for survival. We help create healthy life for their families and communities by providing them food, now and for the future.

Our Vision

We work to serve humanity with your help to uplift the livelihood of people,animals and our environment on the whole level. Together, we can reduce an imbalance in the society and also inspire other people to join the good cause for a better world of living.

Our Goal



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